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New Orleans’ Largest Locally Owned Bank Announces Record Earnings

NEW ORLEANS (April 20, 2022) – Today at Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company’s monthly board meeting, President and CEO, Guy T. Williams, announced record earnings for the first quarter.

Prevent Fraud

Tips to Prevent Fraud

Are You Real ID Ready? A Guide to Getting Real ID Ready in Louisiana

Over 2.9 million people fly in and out of U.S. airports each day.* With COVID-19 cases declining, do you plan to join the many and fly soon? If so, a big change to how airports verify your identity is coming.  

How Can You Help Ukraine?

If you are looking for ways help the people of Ukraine, here a few:

Interest Rates and Inflation are Both Up

The Federal Reserve said that they will increase interest rates at least three times this year, and possibly more, beginning in March. This will ripple through the economy causing mortgage rates and loan rates to increase. Consumer savings rates will also increase but will lag the Federal Reserve rate increases.

Bead Donation Sites

Looking to clear out some of those Mardi Gras throws? There are a few great options around the Greater New Orleans area for you to donate!

Mardi Gras Hours

ALL BRANCHES except for those in Baton Rouge will be closed on Tuesday, March 1st. In addition, please make a note of the following closures due to Mardi Gras parades:

Preventing Check Washing

A recent wave of mail theft has hit our area, leading to check washing, a crime that the US Postal Inspection Service defines as scams that “involve changing the payee names and often the dollar amounts on checks and fraudulently depositing them.” Often stolen checks are placed in a chemical bath to remove the handwritten information so that the check can be made out to someone else and the dollar amount changed.  

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Experiences Record Growth in 2021

NEW ORLEANS (February 8, 2022) – Today, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company President and CEO, Guy T. Williams, announced record growth for year ended December 31, 2021. President Williams attributed the record growth to, among other things, very strong results in home mortgage lending and education services.  The bank is one of the largest home loan originators in South Louisiana and the largest lender to first time homebuyers in the New Orleans metro area.   

Time to Spend

It is not often that I advise quick spending, but gift cards are an exception.