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Let's Talk: Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2022

When the telephone was invented in 1876, it took over 25 years for 10% of the population to use it. The rate at which we adopt technology has drastically increased since 1876. In addition, there is an exponential growth of emerging technologies each year. 

What's Next?

As we end 2021 and look to the future, most people are starting the new year with a big sigh of relief. We have endured hurricanes, political struggles and a pandemic played out in three acts.

Let's Talk: Technology Reshaping Our World

Technology reshaping our world is a tale as old as time. 

Slade Simons Named a 2021 Top Director

We are proud to share that Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting announced today that Slade Simons has been selected as a 2020-2021 Top Director for outstanding leadership of the investment services business at Gulf Coast Bank & Trust.

Let's Talk: Retire Early!

For some of us, the pandemic was a wake-up call. It prompted us to rethink our health, our priorities, and our finances. And for over 3 million Americans, the pandemic pushed them into early retirement due to layoffs, job eliminations, or they simply decided to speed up their planned retirement to avoid the constant changes in the workplace. 

2021 was a very tough year but 2022 will be much better by Allan Katz

This article, written by Allan Katz, was originally published in the Kenner Star and can be found here.

Let's Talk: 5 Advantages of Debit Cards

How do you pay for your items: cash, credit, or debit? Amidst the pandemic, the need for cashless and contactless transactions has risen. Our payment behavior is changing, and many people are now choosing to use credit or debit cards over cash for their transactions. 


This has been a very difficult year. We thought that COVID was over, only to see it return. We hoped to avoid hurricanes, only to be hit with a strong Category 4 hurricane. We expected to enjoy Jazz Fest and other festivals only to see them cancelled.

Vote Yes for Constitutional Amendments #1 and #2

Louisiana has a problem and an opportunity. The problem is that our population peaked in 2016. Alone among the southern states, we now lose residents every year. People leave for many reasons. One reason is our lack of economic growth and opportunity.

Let's Talk: Estate Planning

As we continue to endure the heartaches of the pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of estate planning. Unfortunately, most Americans remain without one. Why is this?