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Giving Up Unproductive Debt for Lent

As we celebrate Mardi Gras – world famous for parades, costumes, food, indulgence and decadence – sometimes our minds drift to the origin of the celebration, a last chance for revelry before the 40-day Lent period. As surely as Rex follows Zulu, Ash Wednesday follows Fat Tuesday, and many of us ponder what to give up this year. I usually go with sweets.

New Orleans' Largest Locally Owned Bank Announces Record 2018 Earnings

NEW ORLEANS (January 31, 2019) – Today, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company , President and CEO, Guy T. Williams announced record earnings for year 2018.

Spending Wisely

January is a good month for getting organized. January is also a good month for spending wisely.

Privacy Again

You don’t have to read many news stories to realize that personal privacy is something that is difficult to maintain but should be cherished and protected.

Living below your means

My wife and I recently spent the weekend with my first business partner and his wife in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have been friends for nearly half a century. The real estate development business that we started in Atlanta when we graduated from college was the foundation for all of our subsequent investments. The experience that we gained as small business owners at the age of twenty-one has proven to be invaluable.