• Auctions in August Instructions

    Over the past 15 years, Auctions in August has brought in $1,397,700 for nonprofits

Auctions in August - Instructions

Who Can Donate

Individuals, businesses, schools, and nonprofits are encouraged and welcomed to donate auction items to Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company’s Auctions in August Fundraising Event. Auctions in August is held the entire month of August, and all proceeds benefit designated nonprofits. 

How To Donate

To donate an item or several items, fill out the Auction Item Donation Form. Then, drop off the item(s) at GCB’s Auction Center at 1817 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70005 Auction Center hours are as follows beginning June 26: 10am-3pm, Monday through Friday. We will only accept 1,000 items for the auction this year.
Submit Item Form  

When dropping off your item(s), please bring with you the item number(s) you receive via email after submitting the donation form(s) online. Once we receive the item(s) and the form(s), the AIA staff will photograph the item(s) and prepare them for the auction. All items and donation forms must be submitted by no later than July 28, 2023.

When a donor fills out the donation form, they may choose the nonprofit to receive the proceeds from the sale of each of their donated specific item(s). The designated nonprofit’s information must be filled out completely on the Auction Item Donation Form to ensure the timely disbursement of the.


Share our nonprofit letter with your supporters to encourage them to participate in AIA and benefit your nonprofit. Download the non profit letter.
Nonprofit Letter  

What Can Be Donated

Some of the most popular items in recent years have been gift cards and certificates for restaurants, business services, experiences, etc., high-value sports memorabilia, tickets to local events, jewelry, artwork, gift baskets, wine, home décor, electronics, and more. Items must be in new condition. The AIA staff reserves the right to turn down any items that may not fit the spirit of this particular auction.

PLEASE NOTE: Tangible item(s) must meet a minimum or combined value of $100. Intangible items (i.e. vacation rentals, business services, gift cards, etc.) must be valued at $50 or higher. For intangible items, please provide a certificate or letter stating how items/services can be collected/redeemed and the expiration date if applicable.

The minimum bid is determined on a sliding scale. Mandatory minimum bids set by donors are strongly discouraged, as this typically leads to lower bidding and is not in the spirit of the auction. If a mandatory minimum bid set by the donor is absolutely necessary, it cannot exceed 50% of the value of the item. Mandatory minimum bids must also be approved by the AIA staff.

All unsold items must be collected immediately by the donor upon the conclusion of Auctions in August.

Where Items Are Auctioned

All items will be posted on AUCTIONSINAUGUST.COM for the entire month of August.

Other Requests

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust cannot issue statements regarding tax deductible donations. Tax refundable donation statements must be requested through the non-profit the item is supporting. We can issue a letter for the non-profit as needed stating that an item was donated on their behalf. Requests for these letters must be received at the beginning of the auction and will be supplied to the donor no later than the end of the auction, by email or mail.

If you have any questions regarding donating an item for the auction or how the process works, please email auction@gulfbank.com.