Can I Afford a Vacation

Submitted by Guy Williams on May 20, 2021

School is out and skies are blue, so let’s go on vacation! But, can you afford one?

With a year full of not traveling because of the pandemic, most are probably itching to get away. However, taking a vacation is easier said than done. The cost of a vacation can be grueling, and most will struggle to budget for one. Some of us may not have the time to take off, while others may not have the money. Since everyone needs a break no matter what the situation is, here are a few ways to achieve one.

Plan Ahead

Planning is not for everyone, but planning ahead will make your vacation more enjoyable. By planning, you can prepare colleagues and clients for your time away and even complete some work ahead of time. You will stress less while on vacation because work will be out of sight and out of mind. Also, you can control your costs by planning. Your costs will vary depending on a multitude of factors such as time of year, lodging, transportation, and dining options. Shop around for the best deals and consider sharing costs if you plan to go as a group.


Take a day, a night, or a weekend away to be a tourist in your own city. Research activities you can do that cost little to no money. Louisiana is filled with activities to meet everyone’s needs including hiking, fishing, local festivals, live music, and dining experiences. A stay-cation will allow you to get away from your home at an affordable price.

Reward, Travel, Cash Back Accounts

Many banks offer checking and credit card accounts that allow you to earn rewards, cash, or travel points. As you use these accounts throughout the year, you may be able to earn enough to rent a vehicle, book a hotel, or even pay for a flight.


Do not overspend on your vacation. Take a look at what you spent last year and divide that number by 12. Then, make vacation savings part of your monthly budget. Consider cutting back and making a few sacrifices in order to budget properly for the vacation you desire. A few cutbacks may include eating out, shopping, and entertainment. In the end, a budgeted vacation will outweigh the stress that debt will create.

Boost Your Income

Take advantage of any opportunity you may have to boost your income. If you find yourself tight on money, you may want to consider getting a side job. Corporate companies, like Amazon and Walmart, recently raised their wages to attract more workers. Uber and Lyft are even short on drivers. Once you begin to earn extra cash, save it.

In general, you need to carefully consider all of your options before you vacation and with a little effort you should be able to afford one. As always, feel free to contact one of our bankers today to discuss banking products that may fit into your financial plan.