The “new norm” - nearly virtual home loan closings

Everybody is adjusting to the “new” norm these days.

We’re going to “drive-through” birthdays, wearing masks when we go to the store, and learning how to work remotely better than we ever did before!

As a local community bank or local lender, we’ve worked hard at adapting our processes to the “new norm” so that you continue to get the services you need with the personal touch you’ve come to expect from our team.

Improvements in Home Loan Processing

Being part of a local community bank means that face-to-face meetings and personal attention is part of our DNA. But right now, meeting face to face is not always possible.

Changes in Home Loan Consultations

Our mortgage lenders have shifted from conducting many of our initial meetings in-person to using the phone or video technology like Facetime or Skype for that crucial first conversation. This way, we still get a chance to know each other and hopefully help you smile.

Once you’re ready, you can apply anytime using our easy online pre-qualification application.

Changes in Home Loan Processing

There’s no need to bring in your documents in most cases. You can scan necessary documents for emailing to us, or upload them through our secure document portal.

You can even electronically sign most of the disclosures and preliminary paperwork prior to closing!

Curbside Mortgages?

There are times when customers are not able to scan documents or simply need to drop something off. In those cases, we are happy to meet you “curbside” to collect your documents or anything else you may need to give us.

If you do need to visit our office for any reason, we’re maintaining an appropriate social distancing atmosphere  for consultations when necessary.

• Virtual consultations.

• Online document collection.

• Digital signing.

• Curbside service.

• Private consultations.

We’re evolving to give you the service you deserve. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the bank that cares about you!