Our card management feature can help you control your cards by giving you the ability to disable and enable each card, setup alerts and more. 
*Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your service provider for specific fees and service charges.

  • Enrolling in CardControl

    If you have just registered for Digital Banking, please log out and back in prior to enrolling in CardControl. If you have received an Instant Issue card today, you must wait until the next business day to add your card to the service.

    In the Services tab, tap CardControl

    1. Tap the Yes button to be redirected to the app store.
    2.  Install and open the GCB CardControl app.
    3. Allow the CardControl app to send you notifications by tapping the Allow button.
    4. Tap the “Go to Gulf Coast Bank Digital,” link to establish a connection between the apps. To access CardControl, in the Services tab, tap CardControl. 
    5. If you are an existing CardValet User and would like to import your current card(s) and controls, tap the Connect with CardValet button.
    6. If you are not an existing user, tap the “Skip this step” link.
  • Additional Steps for CardValet Users

    If you are an existing CardValet User, easily import your current card(s) and controls.

    1. Enter your CardValet username and password and tap the Continue button.If you have forgotten your password, tap the “Forgot password?” link to reset your password prior to continuing.
    2. Once your cards and controls have been imported, tap the Continue button.
    3. You can now add additional cards or modify existing controls.

    Note: Remember to delete the CardValet app. You will no longer need to login to CardControl, however the app must remain installed to access CardControl from Digital Banking.

  • Registering a New Card

    In the Services tab, tap CardControl. 

    1. Tap the card image to register your card.
    2. Enter your 16-digit card number and tap the Continue button.
    3. Enter your 3-digit Security Code, Street Address* and Zip Code and tap the Continue button.
    4. You will be sent a 6-digit Security Token to the email address we have on record. Please allow a few minutes for the token to be received. Enter the 6-digit token and tap the Continue button.
    5. Review the Terms and Conditions and tap the Accept button.
    6. Review the Privacy Policy and tap the Accept button.
    7. Congratulations! You have successfully added your Card and can now manage card controls! Tap the OK button to continue.

    *Note: Enter only the house number and street name for the Street Address. This field has a limited number of characters, enter as much of the street name as fits.

  • Managing Your Card Controls

    You can easily disable or enable any of your cards, enable or disable transactions, create alerts, view recent transactions and more. 

    Screenshot of the Card Control screen, highlighting from top to bottom: the image of the card, the on/off button, and the buttons to go to the control preferences, alert preferences, and recent transactions tabs

    In the Services tab, tap CardControl. 
    A. Slide your card to the left to add a new card or tap the card to see additional details. 
    B. Turn your card “On” or “Off” using the toggle.Use Control Preferences to enable or disable transactions 
    C. Using Control Preferences, you can edit your location preferences, merchant types, transaction types and spending limits. 
    D. Using Alert Preferences, you can setup alerts for all transactions or for selected transactions. 
    E. Using Recent Transactions, you can view recent transactions.
    F. Click the  icon for additional options such as viewing messages, managing your portfolio and changing additional settings.