Easy Student Checking Disclosure Packet


Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co.
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Truth In Savings Disclosure

Account Type: Easy Student Checking

Account #: _________________________________

Date: _______________________

This disclosure contains the rules which govern your deposit account. Unless it would be inconsistent to do so, words and phrases used in this disclosure should be construed so that the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular.

Minimum Balance Requirements

  • A minimum deposit of $20 is required to open account.

Service Charges

  • There is no monthly service charge for this account.
  • Monthly Paper Statement fee of $4.85.

  • Monthly paper statement fee waived if one of the following is met: Fee waived if one of the following is met:

    • Average month to date balance of $5000 or greater OR
    • Average month to date balance of $25,000 or greater in qualifying deposits (See Additional Terms for qualifying accounts) OR
    • Account is set up for eStatements
    • If the primary account holder decides to cancel their eStatement at any time or we have reason to believe that they are not receiving their eStatement or eNotification, a $4.85 monthly paper statement fee will be assessed unless the average month to date balance of $5000.00 or greater OR average month to date balance of $25,000 or greater in qualifying deposits applies.
    • The primary account holder must maintain an active internet banking account and current , active email address. (See Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Co. Internet Banking and eSign Disclosure)

Additional Fees

  • A $5.00 monthly Dormant fee will be assessed if your account reaches Dormant account status.
  • See Notice of Disclosure for Services and Fees for a list of additional fees that may apply.


  • No interest will be paid on this account.

Additional Terms

  • The primary account owner MUST be a student age 15 and up to 18. A parent or legal guardian MUST be a joint owner on this account.

  • After the 18th birth date of the account owner, the account will be converted to Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Easy Checking Account and all Terms and Conditions of our East Checking Account will apply. The Truth in Savings Disclosure for our Easy Checking Account is available upon request.

  •  If the primary account holder has enrolled in eStatements, they will receive an email notification when their statement is ready for viewing at www.gulfbank.com. (see Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. Internet Banking and eSign Disclosure). Images of processed items are available online. Active internet banking account and email address is required at all times.

  • If the primary account holder is not actively enrolled in eStatements at any time, for any reason, they will receive a monthly paper statement mailed to their address of record. 

  • Your account will be placed in Dormant Status after 12 months of inactivity. While your account is dormant, any applicable monthly service charges and monthly paper statement fees will be waived.  You will no longer receive periodic statements and/or eStatement notifications. Upon reactivating your account, you will begin to receive a periodic statement and all fees associated with the account product will be assessed, unless you meet the balance requirements if applicable.

  • This account does not qualify for Debit/Credit Card Reward Points.

  • Check printing fees may apply - Prices will vary.

  • Qualifying deposits includes all personal checking, savings or certificates of deposits that are directly linked to this account.

  • Point of sale transactions - dollar limit - The total of pending PIN-based and signature -based transactions may not exceed $500.00

REV 8/21

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