Finding Balance: Meet Daina Short, VP Of Mortgage Lending, in Our Mandeville Office

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer & VP of Mortgage Lending, Daina Short, is a regular face in our ‘Multi-Million Dollar Club’ of top-volume loan officers each month.

This is testament to her success as one of our top-performing lenders within the Gulf Coast Bank Home Loans ranks.

But for Daina and her mortgage business, success isn’t just about closed loan volume.

It’s about dedicated client service, feeling a true calling for helping others, selflessly giving back to the community, and putting your family first.

Read on and get to know Daina Short and her whirlwind path into the mortgage biz.

Pivoting into Mortgage & Finding Balance

Born and raised in Iberia Parish, Daina is a true Cajun girl who grew up with simple means and a heart for always putting family first. Growing up, there wasn’t a lot of money in her family and, after her step dad suffered an injury on the job, Daina didn’t hesitate to go to work to help support her family at age 14.

Daina attended college at University of Louisiana - Lafayette, earning a degree in Education -- with a short stint at LSU, where she met her beloved husband of 34 years, Keith, got married and started a family of her own.

Daina and husband, Keith, and their 3 children (left to right): Ashley, Courtney, and Cameron.

With a heart full of passion and her strong faith in God to guide her in her career path, Daina journeyed along the path of teaching and, eventually, jumped into corporate life, working for a major oil company as an administrative assistant.

“I’ve had lots of different careers and I’ve always been the type of person where when I changed jobs, it was to pursue a better opportunity for professional growth,” Daina says.

Along the way, however, Daina found she needed more flexibility and balance for her family to make sure her family always came first. That’s when a friend of hers who owned a mortgage company offered her a job, a chance to learn the mortgage biz, and the promise of much-needed work-life balance.

“At the time, I had a great job with great benefits,” Daina says. “But I knew in my heart this is what God wanted me to do.”

She jumped right in.

Learning the Business from the Ground Up

Daina began learning the mortgage business from the ground up, asking anyone and everyone she knew if she could help them with their mortgage, building her referral network, and successfully finding the flexibility she needed for her family.

Daina renewed her passion for teaching and guiding others — as she began helping her clients understand the ‘Whys’ behind everything from the loan pre-qualification to application, loan processing, and closing.

Along the way, she joined Gulf Coast Bank - and also found a great loan partner, Megan, who has steadfastly worked by her side for 6 years. Together, the duo provides excellent service to clients pursuing their dreams of homeownership while cultivating an atmosphere that values family and work-life balance.

Daina along with her loan partner and friend, Megan East. In center, Megan's family including husband, Zeke, and their children: Luke, Layla, Madelyn, and Matthew.

“Great client communication is so important,” Daina explains about her tools for client service success. “We always approach service with the goal to help our client understand what he or she can expect during the loan process and what’s coming up next.”

Today, Daina helps clients that largely come to her through referrals and word of mouth, all people looking for the expert guidance and friendly support through the mortgage process they’ve heard about from others.

Daina's son Cameron along with her "Mortgage Sisters," Cindy Grega and Joani Jacob Scheuermann.

Last year, Daina was honored as a member of New Orleans CityBusiness’ MoneyMakers 2020 class, which celebrates successful New Orleans-area professionals in the field of finance.

Giving Back to the Community

Alongside building her flourishing mortgage business, Daina gives back to her community through her dedicated work with Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West as a member of its Board of Directors. This experience has given her a new perspective on homeownership and what it really means for a family.

“I love being able to work to change the direction of a person’s future through owning a home,” Daina says. “Education about homeownership is so important. A lot of people think we just give away houses, but we teach people about our mission, the stability that homeownership can bring, and how it can truly change someone’s life.”

She adds that learning about Habitat’s mission to help people who may not otherwise be able to own their own home has brought her back to her simple roots and re-ignited her deep desire to make a difference in others’ lives.

Daina and Keith's children and their families. Left: Daughter Ashley and husband, Jared, with their 4 children: Sarah, Sam, Beniah, Alayna. Middle: Daughter Courtney and husband, Jeromy, with their 5 children: Adelyn, Aubreigh, Rowen, Kelleigh, and Chase. Right: Daina, Keith, and son Cameron.

In her spare time, you can find Daina spending time with her family, including husband Keith, her 3 kids — Courtney and Ashley, her 2 adult daughters, and teen son, Cameron — her 9 small grandchildren, and her many extended family & friends. Megan and her family are often right there with them.

“We have very strong traditions,” Daina says. “There’s a get-together for everything!”

Moving into mortgage and helping future homeowners has truly given Daina the best of both worlds when it comes to work and family. In the process, she found her calling.

“This is the most interesting career I’ve ever had,” she says. “And when you do something you love, it never feels like work.”

Reach Out to Daina for Expert Guidance When You’re Ready to Purchase a Home!

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or you’re looking to do a refinance, reach out to Daina Short by calling 985-249-7246 or emailing She’s ready to help guide you throughout your homebuying journey, from application to happy closing day.