A Heart for Client Service: Meet Loan Officer Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen’s career as a mortgage loan officer and how it unfolded is a case study in the art of pivoting.

Eight years ago, Trang was on the hunt for a more flexible position that afforded her the work-life balance so many working parents need.

She found it with us. But her path didn’t begin in loan origination. That came later. And we’re so glad it did.

Read on to learn more about Trang, her heart for client service, and the thing she loves most about helping her clients achieve the American dream.

A Lover of Numbers

A native of Vietnam, Trang moved with her family to New Orleans when she was 13. A lover of numbers and analysis, she was a top math student in high school and had the fourth highest overall GPA in her grade. Trang attended college at the University of New Orleans where an advisor – noticing her math proficiency – encouraged her to enroll in advanced math courses. She did and eventually earned a degree in Accounting and began working for a local CPA firm.

After a few years, Trang joined a large corporation in the oil & gas space as a financial analyst, crunching numbers and producing revenue forecasts. But after having her second child (she now has three), she realized she needed a more flexible position that was friendlier to a working parent.

Pivoting to Gulf Coast Bank

Trang pivoted to take a more flexible administrative position with us, handling various admin duties to help our loan officers get established within our ranks.

“Two months later, I decided I wanted to become a loan officer,” Trang explains.

She completed her pre-licensing course and took a week off to study for her licensing exam. Trang took the test the following Monday and passed it with flying colors. That’s a feat in itself, since the first-time pass rate for the exam is just over 50%.

Trang is now a successful loan officer – and it’s her heart for helping clients that contributes the most to her success.

A Specialty in Client Guidance

Trang enjoys working with all types of borrowers – from first-time homebuyers to seasoned  or experienced real estate investors.

But if there is one aspect she loves most about her business, it’s the opportunity to provide guidance to would-be homebuyers who might think owning a home just isn’t in the cards for them.

Your Partner Throughout the Mortgage Process

Trang’s approach to working with clients is (no surprise!) analytical.

When it’s time to complete the loan application, she’s right there with them going over it and explaining what each detail means. When additional financial information is needed, she’s there to help explain why and answer any amount of questions. And when the final closing disclosure document arrives -- which details a buyer’s financial obligations in the purchase -- Trang gives every client a primer on each line item and dollar amount.

“Not every client wants or needs this level of detail, but I’m there to offer it,” she says.

A quick look at her many 5-star reviews and it’s easy to see that all of her clients consider her a true partner and advocate in the home-buying process.

Reach Out to Trang to Discuss Your Homeownership Goals!

If you’re looking to purchase a home in the New Orleans area – whether as a first-time buyer or seasoned homeowner – Trang Nguyen is ready to partner with you to make it happen! Reach out to her anytime at 504-544-6368 or TrangNguyen@gulfbank.com.