In 1883, when Gulf Coast Bank was originally founded as American Savings, banking and life itself were much simpler. Machines didn’t dominate every walk of life, and banking was a matter of people talking to people – and building the trust it takes to do business with each other.

In 1990, a group of local investors led by Bank President and CEO Guy T. Williams took over American Savings. They shared a vision of building a bank that adhered to the old principles of customer service, yet backed them with the most powerful of today’s banking technologies. The result is a true community bank, able to provide individuals and businesses with the strength and resources they need to succeed – and able to recognize each of them individually when they walk through the front door of their local Gulf Coast Bank office.

Gulf Coast’s philosophy remains people-oriented. We help our customers get what they want, one on one. Banking today is more complicated, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an ordeal. We work with our customers individually to match our services to their needs. We make banking easy and secure for our customers by providing straight talk instead of the old run-around. This is the secret of our continued success.