Meet Joe Uzee, Gulf Coast Bank Mortgage Division President

After almost 3 decades excelling in mortgage as a top-volume loan officer and the gifted team leader of our top-producing Uzee Team, Joe Uzee is forging a new legacy as Gulf Coast Bank’s Mortgage Division President.

We’re so proud to welcome him to our leadership team!

Read on to learn more about Joe, his life in mortgage, his rewarding experience as a team leader, and his vision for our Mortgage Division.

Finding a Career and a Personal Legacy in Mortgage

Born and raised in New Orleans, Joe always had a passion for sales and service. Shortly after graduating with a business management degree from the University of New Orleans, he went into sales with a major food supplier before finding his way to the world of finance.

Eventually, the promise of more financial freedom for his family led him into mortgage lending. He joined our Mortgage Division as an originator in 2007.

“It was an industry I could jump into and be able to create my own income,” Joe says of his decision. “My wife and I had also just had our second child and we wanted to make it possible for her to pursue the rewarding work of staying at home with the kids, her dream.”

The new baby was Brett, who surprisingly enough, followed his Dad into the mortgage business after graduating from LSU.

After joining our ranks, Joe’s business quickly took off. He got to the point where the sheer volume of his clients — and the care & dedication needed to service their needs fully — was too much for him to handle alone.

“I really needed help and I also wanted to help educate and coach others,” Joe says. “I love to coach and I grew up playing baseball. I’ve coached all of my kids and if I wasn’t working in mortgage, I’d probably be a coach.”

Joe says he’s always applied the lessons he’s gleaned from sports — as a player and a coach — to the business world. You learn how to succeed, how to fail, how to come together, how to support each other, how to motivate your team, and along the way, how to turn goals into wins.

Reaching Goals, Supporting, Collaborating, and Having Fun with other Peers at Gulf Coast Bank

Almost half of Joe’s lending career has been spent at Gulf Coast Bank. To become a top producer, he learned how to rely on the assistance and expertise of others. His loan officers, assistants, processors, underwriters, and closers were key in Joe’s success. Joe mentored and coached. He collaborated with others to not only give advice, but to obtain knowledge from them. That is how he achieved record results for the company and gave great service to his clients.

Embarking on a New Legacy as Mortgage Division President

Joe transitioned to his new role of Mortgage Division President this past April. It’s a role that walks a different path from daily dealings of The Uzee Team. But it’s also one that is intricately woven to support and advocate for the experience of a Gulf Coast Bank loan officer, which will eventually change the culture for the entire division.

“My experience in production as a loan officer gives me a unique perspective of the entire Gulf Coast Bank Home Loans team,” Joe says. “I’m striving to add a new level of assistance to our loan officers, helping them focus not only on processing files & production, but also on building for the future.”

And, like a true coach, Joe isn’t only concerned with winning profit and production numbers. He’s examining and finding ways to truly support the well-being of the loan officers and teams day-to-day.

“There are different stresses, for example, for a quarterback than a lineman,” he says. “My experience working and serving as a loan officer for so many years gives me a window into the support our loan officers need now.”

“When I look ahead to the future, one of my goals is to leave Gulf Coast Bank a place where anyone in the mortgage industry knows it’s a rewarding and supportive place to work,” Joe says.

In turn, he adds, clients know it’s a fantastic place to do business — whether you’re buying your first home and need guidance, buying again, refinancing your home, or buying an investment property. Joe wants Gulf Coast Bank to be the lender of choice for our clients and customers.

“When someone needs a mortgage, I want them to always think of Gulf Coast Bank because the culture created here will always give them the best mortgage experience and the best opportunity to achieve their own goal of homeownership,” he says.

“We create and foster an environment where people can grow and achieve their dreams — and where they are supported,” Joe says. “My legacy is not just about me. It’s about our team...working together to create the best mortgage company in the country.”

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