Meet Our 2 Newest Loan Officers!

Summer at Gulf Coast Bank Home Loans has brought with it a wave of new talent in our loan officer ranks.

Our three newest loan officers are an eclectic mix of experience and passion. And they all share the goal of helping future homeowners achieve their dreams with the right financing.

Read on and learn what our new lenders love about client service and where their passions lie both inside and outside of the office.

A Rockstar Consumer Banker Turned Home Loan Specialist

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, Marina Manzanares has called New Orleans home since 2002. As she describes, she “fell in” to banking in 2000 when she visited her hometown community bank with questions about one of her accounts and…left with a job! Marina worked her way up to becoming a financial services rep, a small business micro lender, and eventually, a community development loan officer for a local bank.

She made the switch to Gulf Coast Bank Home Loans, based in our Kenner office, in part to be able to help a wider range of clients with their home financing needs. Another reason? After purchasing her own home in December 2020 – with the guidance and help of her loan officer Trang Nguyen – Marina says she was so impressed with our loan process, she knew she wanted to join us. 

“My goal is not only to help my customers realize their homeownership goals, but to guide them through the process so they don’t ever feel lost or overwhelmed and want to give up,” Marina says. “I love helping people achieve things they don’t think they can do or don’t know how to do – and educating them in the process.”

In her downtime, she is very involved in her teen children’s schools and activities – and in her community. She sits on the Board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana, chairs the nonprofit El Centro Inc., and is a member of GNO, Inc.’s NextGen Council.

Reach out to Marina for help in purchasing your home at 504-841-6020 or

A Former Pharmacist Now Prescribing Best-Fit Home Loans

A New Orleans native, Steven Tran began his journey at Xavier University of Louisiana – where he graduated in 2013 and earned himself a prestigious Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Soon after, he dove into his work as a detail-oriented pharmacist, helping customers with consultations on medications and assisting them with important dosage questions and concerns.

Last year, when Steven and his wife purchased their first home, they worked with Gulf Coast Bank. The scary process of securing a home loan was so smooth and easy working with a Gulf Coast Bank loan officer that he started thinking about becoming a loan officer!

He soon jumped into the world of home finance and now, based in our Metairie office, helps clients in a new way – ‘prescribing’ best-fit loans for home purchases in metro New Orleans.

“I love being able to help clients achieve the first step towards building wealth by owning their own home,” Steven says. “Helping clients afford a home when they didn’t think they could really makes me feel like I’m making a huge impact in their lives.”

Outside of the office, Steven loves perfecting his game of golf, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

“Nothing beats creating memories with the ones you love,” he says.

Reach out to Steven at 504-841-6011 or for help in purchasing your home.

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