At Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company, we understand the importance of the responsibility that you have entrusted to us and we take safeguarding your information seriously. We can work together to protect your personal and financial information.

Personal Best Practices

  • Do not open attachments from email. Be on the alert for suspicious emails
  • Do not use public Internet access points
  • Reconcile Accounts Daily
  • Note any changes in the performance of your computer (dramatic loss of speed, computer locks up, unexpected rebooting, unusual popups, etc.)
  • Make sure that your employees know how and to whom to report suspicious activity to at your Company and the Bank
  • Contact the Bank if you:
    • Suspect a Fraudulent Transaction
    • If you are trying to process an Online Wire or ACH Batch and you receive a maintenance page.
    • If you receive an email claiming to be from the Bank and it is requesting personal/company information.

Business Best Practices

  • Download and install the Secure Browser required by us to perform your Cash Management transactions.
  • Request an IP address restriction on your account so that only the computer(s) you authorize can perform transactions on your account.
  • Enable email alerts to advise you on events such as ACH batches initiated, ACH batches processed and Wires transmitted.
  • Perform transactions on a dedicated computer that is not used for email or Internet surfing.
  • Follow recommendations from your network administrator and/or IT consultant.

How Businesses Can Avoid Corporate Account Takeover

Corporate Account Takeover is a fast growing electronic crime where thieves typically use some form of malware to obtain login credentials to Corporate Online Banking accounts and fraudulently transfer funds from the account(s). Domestic and International Wire Transfers, Business-to-Business ACH payments, Online Bill Pay and electronic payroll payments have all been used to commit this crime. To learn more visit the Corporate Account Takeover Page or download the Corporate Account Takeover PDF .

  • Education is Key – Train your employees
  • Secure your computer and networks
  • Limit Administrative Rights -Do not allow employees to install any software without receiving prior approval.
  • Install and Maintain Spam Filters
  • Surf the Internet carefully
  • Install & maintain
    • real-time anti-virus
    • anti-spyware desktop firewall
    • malware detection
    • removal software
    • Use these tools regularly to scan your computer. Allow for automatic updates and scheduled scans.
  • Install routers and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your computer or network. Change the default passwords on all network devices.
  • Install security updates to operating systems and all applications as they become available.
  • Block Pop-Ups

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