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Trust and Estate Administration

With a living trust, you can enjoy your assets today, while providing financial support and protection to your family or organization in the future. As trustee, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. holds, protects, and manages your assets with continuous, effective administration and competitive investment results.

A testamentary trust, established in your will, takes effect at your death and may reduce estate taxes, ensure that your beneficiaries are financially secure, or provide for your favorite charity. We provide competent management of your assets on an ongoing basis and can work with you and your tax advisors to help you incorporate this flexible instrument into your will to protect the financial future of your heirs.

Serving as Executor of your will ensures the security of your estate assets and saves a family member or friend from the complex administrative burden of settling your estate.

Investment Agency/Custody Services

Each individual has unique needs and objectives for their investments. As Investment Agent, we will work with you to design and manage an appropriate portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that will achieve your specific objectives. As Custodian, we will handle the safekeeping, record keeping, securities settlement, income collections and tax reporting, while you maintain full control over investment decisions.

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