Digital Banking

Gulf Coast Bank's Digital Banking services offer smart banking technologies to make banking with us convenient and secure! Start taking advantage of our digital banking services today. 

To sign up for Digital Banking, enroll your personal account or enroll your business account

  • Digital Banking

    Gulf Coast Bank's Digital Banking puts you in the driver's seat of your finances. 24 hours/7 days a week real time access to your accounts gives you the flexibility and control to bank anytime anywhere. Apply for a personal checking or savings account today to get started. 

    Once you are enrolled in Digital Banking, remember to sign up for eStatements.

    Service Features

    Check your balances 

    View current statements 

    View previous statements up to 18 months 

    View and print checks 

    Transfer funds

    Customized Account Alerts
    Pay anyone, anytime with Bill Pay
    Manage finances & view accounts from other financial institutions with My Money
    Go paperless and sign up for Free eStatements
  • Digital Mobile Banking

    Access your bank accounts securely through your mobile phone or tablet device! With Gulf Coast Bank's Mobile Banking App, you can check your balances, pay bills by setting payments up in Bill Pay, deposit checks, review recent transactions, and locate Gulf Coast Bank branches and ATMs.  

    Apply for a personal checking or savings account today to get started. To enjoy the different features of mobile banking, sign up for Digital Banking today!  

    Gulf Coast Bank's Mobile Banking App is secure and it employs the industry’s best practices with regards to security. A few of the security features include: 

    • Account numbers are masked 
    • Customers are authenticated by username and password for each sign on for the Mobile browser and App 
    • Personal or financial information is not stored on your phone 
    • We suggest you review our Mobile Banking Security Tips for more information on best practices for securing your phone 
    • Review our Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions at the time of enrollment for more details 
    Service Features
    Deposit checks conveniently through Mobile Deposit

    Message and data rates may apply

  • Mobile App

    Get 24/7 Account Access With Mobile Banking

    Check Your Account Balances 
    Transfer Funds
    Pay Your Bills
    Deposit Checks
    And More...

    Apple Store


    Google App




    No service fee
    Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your service provider for specific fees and service charges. 


  • CardControl

    Gulf Coast Bank has several measures to protect your account against fraud. CardControl is an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone that allows you to add additional layers of protection with the ability to turn your debit and credit card "on" or "off." This can be particularly useful for times when you might have lost your card or suspect it was stolen. It also offers other controls and settings that help you limit the geographic area where the card can be used, the type of merchant and the dollar amount. 

    Please note, you must still contact your local branch location if you plan on traveling internationally to enable your debit card. For additional information, please contact Digital Banking Support at 504-554-5574. For assistance with registering your card or establishing controls, please contact Card Services at 504-565-4640.

     Learn More 

    Service Features
    Helps safeguard your cards from fraud 
    Lets you define areas where your card can be used 
    Limit purchase by the type of merchant
    Set limits on the dollar amount
    No service fee
    Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your service provider for specific fees and service charges. 
  • My Money

    Gulf Coast Bank’s My Money is a personal financial management tool available to Digital Banking users. This convenient tool allows you to view your accounts from Gulf Coast Bank and other financial institutions in one place as well as set budgets and personal financial goals. 

    To access My Money, you must first login to Digital Banking. Select the My Money PFM tab at the top of the of your account summary page. To begin using My Money, read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 

    For assistance or additional information, please visit our frequently asked questions or contact our Digital Banking Department at 504-554-5574  for assistance.

    My Money is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool that allows you to budget and manage your finances by aggregating accounts -- from credit cards to retirement savings -- across multiple financial institutions so you can see balances and transactions all in one place, on any device.

    Linking Accounts 

    Link your credit cards, loans, checking, and savings accounts from other financial institutions one time, and My Money keeps your view updated so you always see accurate balances and recent transactions.

    • To get started, click or tap the Link My Money PFM button
    • A list of frequently chosen financial institutions will appear.
    • Select a financial institution by either: Clicking or tapping the financial institution’s name or logo or type the name or URL of the institution in the Search box. (You may link accounts of participating instutions)
    • To link an account, provide the credentials you use to log into the online banking system at the external financial institution, then click Continue.

    Visible and Hidden Accounts

    When you add a linked account in Digital Banking, you have the option to select Visible or Hidden.

    • If you select Visible, the account appears on the Home page and you can access the details about it. It also appears on the Account Preferences page and you can edit the nickname, change the order in which the account appears, etc. The account is also aggregated and included in My Money.
    • If you select Hidden, the account does not appear on the Home page. (Hidden accounts are not aggregated and included in My Money widgets) 

    Enroll in My Money

    Before you can use the PFM feature, you must first enroll in My Money.

    • On the Login page, enter your Login ID and Password
    • An Agreement will appear the first time you select any of the My Money services.
    • Read the Agreement, then click or tap Agree or Later.

    Transactions for your internal accounts and linked accounts are automatically categorized to help you accurately monitor your spending and track your budgets.

    My Money Widgets

    Net Worth* – Allows you to see the total value of all internally-held and linked accounts to view your net worth over time.

    • The Net Worth widget tracks the net sum of all your assets and liabilities over the past year. The dots on the graph represent your net worth for each month, while the lines on the graph represent the change in your month-to-month net worth.

    Budget* – Helps you set budgets for each spending category and track progress towards those categories each month.

    • As each month progresses, this widget provides visual clues to show how close you may be to hitting the assigned thresholds.

    Spending* – Enables you to see a visual representation of how you are spending your money over a period of time.

    • Transactions are categorized based on the same categories used in the Budget widget, but show the percentage of each category as compared to the total.

    Trends* – Builds even further on your budgeting categories to help track spending over time as compared to income.

    • The Trends widget builds even further on your budgeting categories to help track spending over time as compared to income. It shows spending history by category, along with a green line showing income. This way, you can quickly determine if you are spending more than you are making

    Debts* – Allows you to see all of your debt accounts in one place and to calculate how making additional payments, or paying off your debt completely, can impact your debt over time.

    • You can calculate paying off your debt using the Snowball method. This method helps you pay off your debt in the fastest way possible, focusing on your smallest debt first.

    See all of the functionality of the My Money personal financial management tool. 

    (*Tools available in the Mobile app are Link Accounts, Budget, and Spending. In addition to Link Accounts, Budget, and Spending, Net Worth, Trends, and Debts are available on online.)


  • CardSwap

    CardSwap Makes Life—and Updating Payments—Easier for Gulf Coast Account Holders

    CardSwap is a new time-saver from Gulf Coast Bank & Trust that lets you update the payment card information for your favorite digital services like Netflix, Amazon, and more*—in one place, at the same time, making expired cards or new checking accounts easier to manage. 

    *None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.

    Service Features
    Update payment card information for digital services 
    Easily manage expired cards or new checking accounts
    Simplifies payments and puts you in control 
    Take the hassle out of new card updates 


    No service fee
    Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your service provider for specific fees and service charges. 
  • Mobile Pay

    Forget your wallet? Now you can make seamless purchases with your Gulf Coast Bank debit and credit cards stored in your mobile device.  

    No need to swipe your card anymore. After loading your credit or debit card on to your mobile device, you can make purchases at participating retailers in a flash with just one touch. 

    If you have any questions about Mobile Pay, visit a branch or call Customer Service at 1-800-223-2060.



    Service Features
    Easy to set up and easy to use
    Mobile Pay is available for iPhones, Samsung and Android phones^
    Extremely secure: Your card number is not shared with the merchant and not stored on the device


    No service charge
    Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your service provider for specific fees and service charges.

    ^Apple Pay® is only available on apple devices. These devices must be using iOS 8 or newer and be the following devices or newer: iPhone 6/6+, iPad Air 2/Mini 3, Apple Watch.

    • Samsung Pay® is only available on Samsung Devices that use Android Lollipop 5.0 or newer. The following Samsung models and newer will be supported: Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge+, Note5
    • Android Pay™ (Google Pay) and Masterpass™ are only available on Android devices that use Android KitKat 4.4 or newer. They are available on Android smartphones and tablets.

    Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

  • Credit Score and Report

    Get your Credit Score and Report 

    Get access to your credit score, report, monitoring, and more. It's built right into your digital banking.


  • Zelle

    We have partnered with Zelle® to bring you a fast and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and people you know. With Zelle®, you can send money directly from your account to enrolled recipients, all from the convenience of online banking or our mobile app.